ISOTA Gunung Ledang 9M2/J-026 (English Version)

11 July 2024. Finally, JASRA activities with Dx Portable in the ISOTA program were successfully carried out at the Gunung Ledang campsite on 5 – 7 July 2024 at an altitude of approximately 1200 meters. This program was attended by 17 people who also enlivened the activity.

The ISOTA rules introduced are more relaxed and convenient, without many restrictions as set in SOTA. regulations. Therefore, using portable battery power, vehicle batteries, and bringing all the equipment by vehicle was very comfortable and convenient, especially for overnight stays and camping on the mountain.

Despite unpredictable weather, the overall cold weather provided some challenges, aside from setting up a long wire dipole antenna, an End Feed Half Wave antenna, and a Rotary Dipole antenna. Attempts to broadcast in digital mode, particularly FT8, failed due to unsolvable technical problems. However, the activity continued by broadcasting in SSB voice mode, focusing mainly on the 40 m Band.

Overall, 9M4CJS managed to record a total of 253 QSOs and as of the date of this news, 41 Confirmed QSOs were recorded on Additionally, maintenance work on the VHF solar panel repeater was also carried out.

Congratulations to all who participated in this event to liven up radio sports activities. It is hoped that such activities can be carried out again in the future with improvements in terms of equipment, mode, and bands used.