JASRA English Net

Once again, after being halt for a number of months, finally JASRA English Net will be on air again beginning 10th August 2019.This activity is a challenge to everyone since English language are considered as a second or a third language for the majority of Malaysian. 

Net Control Station are highly encourage to use your own creativity to make your net as attractive as possible, based on Code of Ethic of Amateur Radio. One of the example, you may talk about Amateur Radio News during the net and break in between 2 or 3 minutes and call the station to check in. You may talk also on certain subject such as propagation theory, home-brewing antenna and anything. Your creativity will make the activity fun !!

Duty Roster for Net Control Station has been organised and with backup NCS for every Saturday, beginning at 9 PM. Any changes due to unpredictable occasion will be notified as and when required. For those who keen to be a NCS for English Net, kindly contact us for further arrangement.